Problem HOST VOTE returns players only in other session


My server launch a HOST VOTE and he choose a player.
after he returns players only in their session



You have cause and effect all wrong. At the time this runs, the players were already disconnected, the disconnection/splitting is the cause of the ‘host vote’, not the reverse.

Also, it seems your issue is using a resource that uses MySQL in a non-asynchronous fashion, get rid of that and your session splitting will be fixed.

Host elected problem

so the problem come from a specific script ?


Well the resource used in the picture is the jobs one. It’s executing a query the same way all other [es] resources do. So if that’s non-asynchronous then aren’t they all?


Ok, So… Even without ES it could be a script that runs a query? Like maybe… scripts for /ncic checks, /runplate, /vin…? Or maybe the Jailing script?


Exactly. From my understanding SQL queries are not the correct way to send/receive information from a DB.


Ok, Thanks… Ill run through my scripts and try and weed out the issue.


With the onslaught of releases using SQL queries the problem has gotten outta hand. It worked for awhile because I remember a time when very few releases used them. FiveM is incorporating a proper MySQL database soon in a new update. So hopefully only the queries need to be removed and properly scripted for new DB method.