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Priority Roleplay

Vehicle Showcase:


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Who are we?

Priority Roleplay is a serious, dedicated, and advanced Grand Theft Auto 5 emergency services community. We offer The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, The Los Angeles County Fire Department, The Los Angeles Communications Center, and The Los Angeles County Civilian Team.

What makes us unique?

Our community offers features most community do not have. Some of these are but not limited to; fully realistic city and departments, working EUP, ELS, a custom cad, custom scripts, experience points system, patrol groups, and a family like community. In addition to that, we have also been featured for our website and community by Enjin administrators.

What are the requirements to join?

To join PRP, you will need to have Grand Theft Auto V, as well as teamspeak 3. If you have trouble with FiveM, our dedicated support team will assist you and ensure that you gain the best possible experience from our community.

How do I join?

To apply, click “join us” on our website!


[Advice] Starting A Police Roleplay Server

Great community, just joined. Highly recommened. Great leads and supervisors. Great people.


I have alot of words that could describe this community but good isnt one of them however awesome is!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This clan is Purely awesome.

PS Join Today! You won’t regret you did.
Great People, Great Atmosphere, Great Leaders.


One of the best communities around. Directors socialize in places other than patrols & everyone is quite friendly.


hey, thats a good looking clan


where did you get your els from and how is it working


Why is the teamspeak and website down?


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terrible group i got kicked from ts3 for trying to get my mic


Hello! All you need to do is reconnect, we auto kick randoms with disabled mics who don’t respond within a minute.


Working ELS (clientsided)


Serversided too, the reason ELS works is because of a serverside script. Without it, sirens would not work well, and the sirens would blip.


Client sided, it doesn’t even show up for others, only you, which is why it is a client-sided script.


That would be incorrect, our ELS shows up fine for everyone else here.


I’m talking about client side…


Yeah, he gets that. ELS is client-side, but requires server-side code for the lights to actually sync. What exactly are you trying to say?


That sirens won’t even blip/work and the lights will be only visible to you ( on client side )


Why are you trying to argue things that you don’t even understand? ELS works perfectly fine and is synced across every player. Sirens work perfectly.


Huh, I didn’t know .com1 domains were a thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Its the new thing, man.