[Preview] Script For The Vote President V1.0


Hello Everyone todays I wanted to present you my script it allows to vote for the presidential election the script not yet released my it will leave soon

sorry for my english

Screen :


Hi Nice good job men


Hello thanks to you =D <3


great job :wink: nice …


thanks you my friend


Everybody said thanks, but there is no link, no acute on the “Présidentiel”…

What a nice boosting ! :wink:


nice looking script cant wit for it to come out and test it on my server


Cool this script! It will help all its! When is a sharing?


How to work “gouvenement” job ?


where is the download link


It’s a preview… Read title


Not hating on your English but here you go:

Hello Everyone. today I want to present my script to you. It allows you to vote who will be elected to be president in your server. (President script isn’t released yet)


I don’really understand the purpose of “previews”. None (maybe few) make release after that. A lot more, just do this to be congratulated. Dude, that’just pixels :wink:

What the case for this ? Are you going tho share it or it’s just a : “Oh !! See what i have done” ?


is that a parking machine? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work, when will you release it?


Can t wait omg, can you tease more us about this pretty sexy thing ?


ow nice, i’m very impatient ! epikkness


Good job guy ! =) its very good script for rp release please guy =)


Moved to discussion. This is not a release.



When you release it ?