[Preview] Personnal Menu 3.0


Hi :wink:

Here is my menu very soon finished, wait for the release !

Screenshot #1 : http://puu.sh/vP7Q4/066ddc9b4f.jpg


Thanks to @Maeen and Lobix300 (its me lol, look my name)


Nice job ! iโ€™m wait the release :stuck_out_tongue:


Native ui i guess, good work


lol sorry but its not native ui


Wow I like these ! Good Job do When do you goin share your menu ?


Very nice work guys! It possible to speak in private?


Nice, cant wait for release - assuming youโ€™ll be doing an English translation?


How you coded? html/css/js?


Well played, I hate to see your work that looks really good: p good luck for the following your project (:


news of project progress ?


yes news plzzzzzz w wait you




He wonโ€™t publish his script, he told us on a Discord server that his menu is private