[preview] panel admin v1.1


Good news !

Release this week! Wednesday at the latest for essential mode 2.0!

Hello everyone !

Already sorry for my English, but I am a French baguette

Before I started I helped myself :

I’m currently “encoding” an admin panel for your server

I am an amateur and therefore will have a lot of error.

Only the dashboard and 100% functional!

Login :

Dashboard :

For all that it works for now it will be necessary in your sql :

Table users (Available in essential mode) with columns:

  • bankbalance​
  • money​
  • dirtymoney​
  • job

Table ban (Available in essential mode)
Table whitelist (Available with this script)
Table user_vehicle (Available with this script)
Table police (Available with this script)

If you have suggestions do not hesitate to tell me!


Nice job ! Can’t wait for this <3


Cool stuff here :slight_smile:


Impressive job you have done there . About the suggestion , maybe being able to see the inventory of the players ?


it’s a good preview, but all new servers have essential 3.1.0 and all we need for use bankbalance money​ dirtymoney​ and job are not compatible with 3.1.0, i think you should make a 1.2 of your script for essential 3.1.0, just with ban / kick with your login panel and a simple dashboard : numbers of players, see you soon bro #baguette


Looks really clean, I’m saving it for later :slight_smile:


Very good !! #FrenchBaguettePower :smiley:


Very cool !! <3 I need it ! #French


I count it later. In the server party


maybe an idea to let people insert there database and column name? :?
because i will be using more databases with custom names since i will be having more then 1 servers


can you reply to my suggestion please


I am currently developing on version 2, I would adapt later for version 3


Ah the base I develop it for my server, when finished free to you to make the changes of tables and columns

I will also make sure to adapt it for several server once version 1.1 finished but I’m a bit blocked for now


thank you bro, do you know how to install the latest fs__freeroam 1.4 because i don’t know how to edit and config it, #Baguette


I sent you my discord by PM


Hi, possible to talk with you in discord ? i’m french :slight_smile: we have a server and we need your admin panel :slight_smile:


i think you can patient for the release ahah


It will come out not worry for it, just that I have an IRL life and therefore not pass my day coded the panel;) But I want to prevent I count not passed to essential 3.


i convert it to 3.0, no prob dude


Good news !

Release this week! Wednesday at the latest!