[PREVIEW] New bank robbery

Hi guys! the reworked bank from knatus gave me some ideas, so yesterday I decided to add some fun mechanics which I’ll release when done.

  • Search desks for key code which you’ll need to open the vault door (code will change every 6 hours).
  • Multiple deposit boxes which will give you a random item(s) (blowtorch needed).
  • Trolley with cash + idle/grab animation.

Will probably add a dye pack to a random stack of cash and still need to smooth out some things.
If you guys have more fun ideas, let me know and I’ll see if i can add them!

Preview: https://streamable.com/zp047


this looks very promising, cant wait to see a release :slight_smile:

Sick dude, i’m working on mine rn too :slight_smile:


Damn looks really good. Are you planning to release or is it just for private use?

Maybe release, i dunno if i just can release, it relies on stuff that isnt public but maybe yes.


it really good. hope you release it

@qalle Hey! May I ask how you found a way to “play” the “minigame” and by minigame I mean the terminal hacking/bruteforcing? And a suggestion for your robbery script, add drilling “minigame” aswell, it’s seen in Gta V story mode in the Fleeca Bank robbery.

amazing ! :slight_smile:


thats quite amazing, good job

the best script bank robbery, https://youtu.be/jkueNOvvfe8?t=1216
everything in this one, plus the magnetic drill,
it would be interesting to add the drill, still excellent script, congras. :smiley:
{lib = “anim@heists@fleeca_bank@drilling”, anim = “drill_straight_idle”}


Sick, he done like me without the drill we are trying to replicate the real heist

when do you intend to share?

I have the animation and minigame of the magnetic drill decompiled, possibly helps to understand how it works.

I can send you if you want.

This would be fuuuuuuuuqn amazing!

Can you pm me the minigame of the megnetic drill ? i want to creat one like that

can you please pm me the animation please , i can’t find it

I haven’t seen thermite in fivem before. Can I ask you some information about it ?

@qalle Can we feel in private?