Hi eveyrone,

Today I’m going to show you one my last creation wich is work in progress. I’ve been working on it since today and I want to know your opinion of this new system.

So what’s your creation ?

It’s a computer for the LSPD where they can make reports, complaints, notes. It also includes Interpol and Criminal Records. This computer is linked to my police script and my gamemode, those two scripts are 100% homemade by a Belgian guy. Everything is already linked to a MySQL database.

Here’s an album on Imgur :

Yes I know every text are in french and the background is transparent. I will put the background later.

My goals :

  • Promote/demote on the computer.
  • A shootbox on the main page, so cops can communicate on the computer.
  • More options, more pages, more everything

I think that’s I wanted to say, don’t forget to give me feedback :wink:


This looks amazing and is something I wish 8 had the know how to make.

Some things that might add to the script would be the ability to see which units are out and locations on a map etc. See who is also logged into their mdt or something similar to like a IM client or just a daily logger so police can log when they’ve clocked in and out etc.

Great work m8.


Thank you, in the staff menu you’ll be able to see wich cops are online. I will think about the map :wink:


Nice Job dude!! Will this be released in someway?


I don’t know because If I have to, I will have to release my base and my police script, and it’s a lot of work to update the scripts for the community :confused:


Well I think if you do release them it’d be amazing of you. The other thing about updating thing about updating them for the community I mean that could be something where you say these are my resources that I use for my server and I won’t be providing support on how to convert them to your server but I wanted to share the source for people that know how.

Then I’m sure someone will help with that aspect.


Hi everyone, today I made a video that shows the menu in action. Hope you’ll like it. I know that I speak french but just watch the video and how the menu is working :wink:


Wow this looks neat, what’s the status of it?


Nice dude, would be amazing to have.


The computer is done :



That looks fantastic, I’m excited for release.


Good job! Will this script have ESX Support?


No, because I don’t use ES, ESX or vRP. I have my own gamemode, my server doesn’t use any script that isn’t made by me. I just use MySQL-Async.


It’s looking pretty nice, how far along are you in terms of releasing it? I know the computer is finished and that’s looking neat.


Sorry but I don’t think that I will release since I release it, I have to release my whole server and make updates, patchs, help noobs that can’t install a script,…


I don’t know why you started this thread then…


Yeah I don’t see the point much either but that’s his prerogative I suppose. Oh well.


When I created this post, I wanted to share it, but now I don’t want to because I thought about it and I don’t have time totokeep it updated and do the support.