[Pre-Release] Boombox

Full songs would more then likely be to large.

How is this going?

They’re definitely too big. I’ve been thinking about getting the JS Radio working with this. It definitely should be possible. Just need to integrate this script with it and have it call the same nuimessage that the JS Radio does. Now, as far as other people hearing it properly, that’s another story.

Been waiting for something like this for ages, amazing for party RP and festivals, hopefully you get it working so you can have it on the ground and everyone else can hear it

Waiting for server-side sound.
Will be awesome!

Server side please!

Definitely waiting for serverside.

Working flawlessly server side on vRP 2 :kissing::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: thanks! @Imagic


local vRPboombox = class(“vRPboombox”, vRP.Extension)

function vRPboombox:__construct()


vRPboombox.tunnel = {}

function vRPboombox.tunnel:setAudio()
local audio = “
local user = vRP.users_by_source[source]
if user:hasPermission(“boom.box”) then
vRP.EXT.Audio.remote._setAudioSource(-1, “BoomBox”, audio, 0.5, 0,0,0, 15, user.source)
vRP.EXT.Base.remote._notify(user.source, “Only admins can play music using the boombox”)

function vRPboombox.tunnel:stopAudio()
local user = vRP.users_by_source[source]
if user:hasPermission(“boom.box”) then
vRP.EXT.Audio.remote._removeAudioSource(-1, “BoomBox”)


I’m patiently waiting for the pushes that @Imagic needs from FiveM to start converting over my server :slight_smile:

Hi G.Bronson,

Any chance you can also make this work, or make a separate mod, for in game radio’s in apartments and houses?

I’ve been looking for a mod for my server that can allow the player to use the in game radio stations through the radio’s in their houses. I’ve been searching for a long time with no luck so if a mod for this already exists, I would really appreciate if someone could link it.

nice job. waiting for more update :smiley: