[Pre-Release] Boombox


This is a edited version of @dilaraarap’s bag script. This one allows you to carry around a boombox playing music from the radio stations. BUT… I’m calling this a pre-release since the music only plays client side at the moment. Not sure how to make other people hear the music. Maybe you guys can help me out? (:

Video: https://streamable.com/q62cd
Toggle on/off: /bbox
Requirements: None
Download: https://github.com/bzrr/boombox

Credits to:
@dilaraarap and @xander1998


This is pretty damn neat :+1:
Hope you can figure out how to play it server side.


How about adding the ability to leave the radio on the ground with the ability of changing the radio station or lifting it.


Soo cool dude I can’t wait for a server sided music


This Is So Coool Looking into server side music !!!


Yea, would be sick to be able to drop it and have it play from the prop and have the prop be place whereever the player pos was when they dropped it would be sick :smiley:


I got inspired by this post (spawning a boombox prop on the ground) and using this method makes everyone hear the music. Not sure why mine doesn’t. Any ideas?


What about decorators, could assign an integer to each radio station, then set a decorator of the station on the boombox so that when people are close they can also hear it


Working on it!


Aww man, yet another release to do a git pull request on, still using the server.lua when it’s not needed :frowning:


Yup, you’re probably right (: But because of nuub and still learning you’re more than welcome to point me in the right direction.


Np np man :slight_smile: did the git pull request.

Did it for the bag to like 3 hours ago or so haha.


Keep us updated if you ever get it to work server side :slight_smile:


well be nice to make it work whet this that way you have nice music and not the gta 5 music


Hmm what if you did a call to server with the object id and then got the server part to send it back to all clients?

Not sure if it will work but it might, since you then tell there client that this object plays music.


I am so proud of you :clap:


Im working on one from scratch which is based all on decors for the setting and such. Not tested it with others yet, but on my side its working pretty well.


wouldn’t it be easier to just trigger the boombox to play whatever station the closest boombox they are near is playing? So that people can hear the music from the boombox and just play the station clientside at the location of the closest boombox? like a check or something


wow guys, thats some interesting work here!


Can’t this be used with “InteractionSound ([Release] Play Custom Sounds for Interactions)”? Add custom songs & play to everyone within a radius of like 10 meters?

InteractSound_SV:PlayWithinDistance(10, "radio_one", 0.5)