Potentially Looking for a New GTAV RP Home



Thanks for taking time to stop and read my post, I know we’re all busy so I’ll get right down to it.

I’m stream daily on Twitch (I know…who doesn’t!?!) Agreed and while I am not as popular as the “big guys/gals” on Twitch, I do bring in over 100+ viewers to my streams. At this point I stream WoW, but I am looking to expand my stream and YT channel with some RP adventures. I was hoping I could create my own sever to maintain some level of quality control, but I simply do not have the technical skills to do so. What I do have however is ME! I’m a creative, chilled content creator and I have a brain swimming with idea’s for live streams and video’s. What I need is a solid reliable (mature) community that I can call my home, I would happily donate (what I would spend on a server) to you and/or your team in order to have a stable platform to create my content. All I want is a persistent world where I can create my character and live out his/her life. Of course I am happy to help out with promoting, modding, and helping other players on or off stream. I’m not going to post link (as it feels cheesy) but if you want so see what I do I am sure you can find me.

So if this sounds interesting to you, please PM me with your information and we can chat via Disord at your convenience. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m English speaking so sadly none of the wonderful French community should reply.




Helllo, I have the perfect place for your needs. San Andreas State Role Play.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mXyVQF5


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Hey bud Novum RP is a great and upcoming server. we have great admin/staff who literally working 24/7 to make our server better. website is http://www.novumrp.com/ if you like to check it out and join. Some nice perks we have for police and civs are, a in game working MDT/CAD both for civs and police. We have about 50 regular members and a ton of other people who come on our server daily to RP. We have custom cars for both civs and police (els to be installed within the next week). We also have a load of scripts and custom scripts. Our team speak is novumrp.ts-ip.com if you have any questions feel free to join it and come talk to me bud. We are always looking for new players/members to join the community.

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hello jampy my name is alex i am the owner of thin blue line gaming community we are always looking for new members


Check us out at http://www.roguegaming.org/


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We have a few streamers on here as well. Great group of ppl. It is a story based server where you create your characters back story and live his life. Something im sure your viewers would enjoy rather than just spawning a character and him dying, then spawning another. They can get wrapped into your character, and other characters, life! Come check us out!