Postal Code Map



Hey i want to make a satellite map with postal codes, im trying to figure out how to make one. I have the map minimap files downloaded and edited. i need help from that point on.


Looking to make a map for the in-game pause menu map? or the live map for @Havoc’s release?


If you’re talking about postal codes on the escape menu map I have server side resource for it that I will push to Github in a few minutes. It does require the clients to download a map zoom fix if they want to zoom in and not have it bug out.


Hmmm… You dont give us enough jnfo boi.

You want it serversided?
You want it clientsided?
You wanna use a map on a browser where you can see people?
The same questions what ^ said

More info and we can help you further.


Rereading it a few times makes me think that you’ve downloaded a map, added postal codes, and now you’re looking to turn it into a map for GTA 5?


I want it Client Side and in the pause menu


Yes, ill attach a photo


Client side. Well did you just have 1 picture and thats it?


Im making a client side postal map. minimap_lod_128



No the file sizes are too large, I cant send all of the photos



This may give you a better idea on how to do it. You’ll need to convert it to YTD and stream it.


Yes, I replaced the YTD of the original with the photos, and it didnt work


What didn’t work with it? How did you do it? You need to provide more information or we can’t help.


The map was the original in game map