Post Withdrawn By Owner


Post Withdrawn By Owner


We are lookig for applications at the moment for any department!!


Applocations Are Re-Opened


New host. Server is now 100% lag free


Please Concider Joining As We Switched Didcords To A New One And We Lost A Lot Of Members


WE ARE IN NEED OF AVID Rpers for our server


I would join but I was banned for no reason. Highly suggest not joining it.


Whats your nane in the server @bsward


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Was banned from this server for enforcing the rules, when the owner was failing to. would not recommend this server.


Co-Owner Has also threatened to leak my ip after i was banned.


I went to join there server and the moderator and the owner we attacking me with guns and killed me. They didn’t revive me just left me there. I was banned from the discord so I went on to see what it was like it was very disappointed in what saw


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For One, You Can Do ALOT With An IP. Find Someones Location, DDOS, Hack There Cameras If There Connected To Wifi, etc. And YOU Came To My Post First. Your Starting A War You Cant Win. i Have Multiple People That Were Banned From Your Server, Over Nothing. And You Moved Discords, banned Members From The Old Discord So i Wouldnt have Any Members, And Left. Doubt You Would Have Let me Back In. Even Said That I Cant Come Back. Basically A Ban.


This server is so bad, first how was it if there was no police ems on. Plus you tp to me so that is fail rp


So true and for anyone that is on this server, Alex “Good Awesome Owner” lies to you abut everything, he said we needed 90 dollars for a cad so a friend donated but it was only 45 LOL. Probably went tot use it for himself. BTW " Good Awesome Owner" you could be in some deep crap if you used it for your self.


Lol i have proof i didnt so yeah


And randy only donated 45 lol


Dont even type wolfie if your gonna hate


Randy donated a lot of money and you teated him like a piece of shit