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this guy keeps making different ones of these but… This is the guy Jake P or jake parry he has been going around to different discord server spamming his discord link someone in my server took screenshots of what he was trying to say and take him to his server… they are also posting links when people join like one of my admins they gave him a link he opened it and they got his IP not 5 10 minutes later they start to ping it… Here are the screenshots that someone in my community got!

he talks down and a lot of crap on people to get people to join them… he was in my server before then i banned him for fail RP all the time and as well of being toxic… they are all 13 14 toxic kids… They have someone named george here is his discord George B
#9454 they have him running around to discord server spamming there discord link… im just making this to anyone thats a server owner there self watch out for these people they will change there name and go over the wall to try and take people from other servers i have where 3 of them tried to make 3 fake fivem dev accounts then messaged me like i was in trouble so that they could get into my server sneakly… my head admin has that screenshot ill post it later once he gets on and sends it to me


Yeah I used to be in DCDOJ but they always disrespected me out and in rp. they also spammed the cadodojrp with discord links


he thinks im this perosn called lag


same ya thats what i was talking about they used to be in my server then i got rid of 2 of them so then they make there own server then come back into my discord and start spamming links this has been going on for the last 2 months about. Ya im Lag the owner of LSDOJ he thinks im some guy named zach or something along that!


so ur the lag hes talking about? pm me


correct im lag and ok


sent this to someone showing why i replied that


here is some more evidence of me exposing him and his reaction. note: his is lying about us spamming links and bad admins. yet again to attempt to manipulate


Can you and this other guy please stop spreading this shit all over the forums.


If I could I would. I’m trying to ignore him for the time being.


its not looking that way to me. You guys are just arguing over petty shit. On Every Single Post you see each other on. If you want to fight and argue at least do it over PM. Not On Every Fucking post you see.


this wouldnt be an issue if 13 and 14 years olds werent running around fivem communities spamming stupid shit and trying to ruin and take people from anyones community…


gets to the point where it happens over and over again and is annoying as fuck. So therefore trying to warn people and not get there selfs caught up with these immature kids


So How About You Stop Talking about it and Grow The Fuck Up. Even if they are “13 and 14” year old spamming shit why do you need to give them attention. You replying to the posts in the way you are isnt exactly Helping the situation is it.


if you wanna be tech ya it will and is helping to get this noticed. So then people wont get caught up in their shit


Im Done With this post. Im Not Trying to get

im trying to clean up the forums from shit like this.


i dont think so laggy, i thought you were him, my bad laggy but that doesnt sever the fact that you dont get to come on our server an stop us, and his admins were terrible they came into our server adn spammed theirs


lets take it to the dms


you cant say anything mate, like seriously nad btw its illegal to pose as someone when yuo arent them, like 'Zach Murphy’and plus your admins are doing the same to me, so grow up and have some class about you,