Possibility to do gta 5 minigames in fivem? (apartment interacts etc)



Greetings! As fivem is getting better and better I have been still wanting to do the minigame interactions, ie take a hit of a bong in ones apartment and get the post processing/gta 5 high, possibly even add the radios back into the online apartments as I can enter them but not interact with a single object. I found mods that convert any model into one of the story mode characters so they can do all the interactions but would it even be possible to add these “minigames” into fivem?

(Also adding a mode like Micheals LSD trip and the post-processing would be good, im just currently trying to find the references to where I can find the post processing/distortions for the screen that isn’t the drunk one, thank you!)


These are recreateable. Not something fivem themselves should add.


Was more or less asking in hopes of a modder having something going/a concept rather than the devs, can understand why fivem wouldn’t want to add so.


Feature requests is for things to be added to fivem itself, not resources.


Ah right, my apologies. Ill close it down and move this elsewhere :slight_smile:


Its already been moved to #development:scripts


Thank you very much, sorry about posting in the wrong location once more, hopefully something comes up c:


As IllusiveTea already told, this is everything that can be done by coding. Learn how to code and the only thing that keeps you limited is your imagination. Most of the GTA V/Online functions can be found here in the forums or just by searching up on google.

This is one of examples:


This is perfect! Thank you very much!

Only finding scripts for drunk unfortunatley, it’s a start though.