Positive check to my anti-virus


Hi , since the last update i get a new major probleme .

My anti-virus avira has detect a suspect file, since that moment my fivem doesnt work anymore.
I try to restaure the suspect file but, it make no effect , for the following i disable avira but nothing change, when i try to lauch the fivem client i got this error :slight_smile: Fivem.exe has move , cannot find it

when i try to re-install the client i got this error : Deleting old , https://runetime.fivem.net/client/prod/bootstrap/CitizenFX.exe.xz failed (err=5)

i hope this info could help you fix this soon , cause right now iā€™m a bit f**k


I have the same problem since the last patch, im using avira antivirus.


fix ^^

i found a way to fix it on my computer , i had disable my anti-virus and go in quarantine for restaure all the file from fivem who have been falsy detect as dangerous item.

after restaure every files and my anti-virus put off , it work again ^^