Portforwarding I NEED HELP!



How do I portforward an ESX server


It doesn’t matter what resources are on the server, you port forward all the same. Typically you need to forward 30120 and 30110 both tcp and udp. All routers port forward differently. Refer to the owners manual of your router or Google.



I have two start files called “esx” and the other is called “run”
what should you use?


“run’s” https://gyazo.com/477887452b85ff81fbd1530616dd96e1


None of those are anything to do with port forwarding.

Port forwarding is done via your routers interface.


But when i trying it doesent work! I have look at YT and ask friends


Look on your router provider’s website for the router interface IP address, it may even be on your router. Try or


What do you mean, and i cant find that


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