[Poll] What kind of user system is your server using?



I’m trying to get an idea of current servers situations.

  • User registration/login/saving/loading
  • Only saving and loading
  • Whitelist
  • Other (write in comments)
  • No user system

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Why not use a default poll?

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  • This
  • One

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Done. Not familiar with the board, so just went with an alternative. Thanks.


My user system is just request based. What I mean is I store my steam id in one central location, and modify all scripts to request that file and check the steam id whenever it needs to. Just because I only need 1 admin. Non of the users are being tracked.

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Understood. But lets say I go to a friends house, I want to show him around your server and he has the retail version. That means I won’t be able to login to your server and play with my character.


Add that friend’s license or r* identifier as an admin temporarily :slight_smile: Isn’t ideal but for my server (which isn’t roleplay) it works fine.


that isn’t related, as long as a Steam client is running and signed in to a specific account said Steam identifier will exist


So the mod always checks for a Steam ID. That’s good.


We use Steam identifiers because

  1. Piracy sucks
  2. Its another layer of authentication for player accounts
  3. Piracy sucks

Never found a genuine objection to that login system apart from 1 & 3