Polish idiot cheating on servers on stream


Hey guys, sorry if its wrong section but i really dont know where to report this.
One polish idiot is streaming when cheating and DDoSing FIVEM servers.
It will be nice if you ban him.
He’s YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5c1AJK4i8MfgT5IPYIj_gA
Stream archive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJkGgow6d9c
He’s ip:
He’s identifier: steam:1100001000fcd2a
He’s license: license:da7fe4d43f4fdd22891e82c05d7bcb52ce1182e3
He’s steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/childfucker666/

Thanks for help.
King’s Regards, Zielu


Video’s shown as unavailable, so from what I’m aware there’s no proof.


Damn :confused: I hope they can check this in logs or sth. Tommorow im going to nearest police station to report him because he DDoS my server and a lot of others polish servers.


Next time just make sure you download his next stream archive.

Also make sure you check the IP that is ddosing you (check google on how to do that if your not sure how) and just keep logs of the dates. The addresses hitting you and the stream video archives. Best done with actual visual images and videos.

Also if you are using a VPS or a full server I would find the money for DDOS protection to protect you from small time ddosers like him.


Actually i have BitNinja on my dedicated servers, he was ddosing from BullStresser (dont ask me how i know that :wink: ). This IP what i gave you is he’s private ip. Next time i will record he’s stream. He is streaming everyday so just wait for him :slight_smile: Today i will give another video if he turn on stream.


this is not good


Where he sold script for 150pln ?
btw. we can see edited message :wink:


Yup he selling translated script pack for big money 150pln (ESX scripts xD )

in the description is discord