PoliceMod2 Still working?


Checking to see if Policemod 2 is still working for some users? If so is there a lick to a successful version of the PoliceMod? Thanks


I wonder too, someone please help!


In my experience, PoliceMod2 used to work but stopped working after a recent FiveReborn update. However Police Mod 1.0c seems to work quite well now.


it’s a work in progress guys, when i will have a working link i will update it in the pack post that i allready made.


Not a problem… More than willing to wait for stuff that works. Everything has a process


Police Mod 1.0c works? Where can I download that?


google it, you will find it verry fast, ASI goes into fivereborn plugins and everything else in gta5 main instal ROOT.
I am having problems loading scripthookdotnet with fivereborn and i would like for the guys that allready have the policemod2 pack to post here the Scripthookdotnet LOG after they try to use the pack. So, install my pack, go in Game, try to run policemod2 and post the scripthookdotnet log here please.


@hbk When I looked I didn’t see ‘Police Mod 1.0c’ and the version I downloaded (I think b) didn’t work very well and had too many issues.


use it only for traffic stopps on AI. i am trying something now but i am not gonna say anything about it until i have the first result that i can do something with it, the only thing i can tell you it’s that i am working on a fivereborn script and not related to policemod