Police skin mods


ive seen youtube videos with people having police officers with badges hanging around their necks and vests that say police on the back. i would imagine i could open the files and alter them in photoshop like i do with vehicles, but how would i go about finding the files to alter? and would i just put them in a folder with a resource.lua to stream them?


If you want to add custom vest you have to use Zmodeler3 but if you already have a vest and is says sheriff and you want it to say police just Open openIV drag and drop the ped files then open the .ytd and find the vest export it as PNG open photoshop make whatever then save it as png then in open iv just replace and it should work


I would just like to take an existing vest and add police to it and maybe add a badge to a shirt if possible… how do i locate the files in open iv to edit them?


they’re using the EUP client side version nobody converted it to a resource yet Tutorial to have Emergency Uniform Pack on FiveM (Client Side)


thank you for the info, ill set that up then