Police Lights aren't bright anymore



Okay so I had Redux in my FiveM through the FiveM Visuals pack and everything was working perfectly fine for about 3 days. I get on yesterday and my lights on my car were all messed up, they weren’t bright like I had them and the red lights were basically yellow looking.

I uninstalled FiveM thinking that would work, that didn’t work. So I removed Redux and that also didn’t work. So I uninstalled again but this time into a brand new GTA folder, guess what? It sill didn’t work. So I am completely lost on why my lights went from being bright to literally not being bright at all. I would like any help possible, thanks in advance.


the visualsettings.dat controls how bright the lights would be try changing out that file with a different one in FiveM\FiveM.app\citizen\common\data


Go into your GTA V graphics settings and try turning your Post FX up all the way. See if that works.


Yea I have my car.default daytime one set to 8000 and my car.default nightime one set to 2000 and they worked perfectly for me. Then they just POOF stopped working.


I will try that when I get home and let you know if that works, thanks


Just use this its got VisualV which makes lights bright again.:wink:



And you don’t need the plugins just the citizen folder.