'plugin' question for holster


Found that mod working in a fivem patrol video, I stuck it in my plugins folder and nothing happened when I press right shift in a cop ped, anyone have any idea on how to get this working? Been looking for something like this.


It’s a Rage Plugin Hook. Not a Lua plugin.

RAGEPluginHook 0.23 or higher.


Does that work with Fivem?


No RagePluginHook is not compatible with FiveM.


Quoted from the download page:

How does Cop Holster work?
All ped models in GTA have what are called drawables. They are pieces of clothing or equipment that can vary between instances of that model. Many of the default cop models have two holster drawables. One is empty, and one has a pistol. Cop Holster simply changes between those two drawables depending on if you have your pistol drawn or not to give the illusion that you are taking the pistol out of the holster.

I’m a ped model developer and would like to make my model work with Cop Holster. How would I go about doing that?
See the readme in the download.



Looking around I saw this… thought it looked cool because I saw Jeff Favignano use steelies on Captain14’s fbi charger… instead I got error after error, any clue?


All I did was made it play the animation when hitting SHIFT + E. It’s really easy to make if you just take a look at playing animations.


If you don’t mind sharing, what’s the animation name?


The anim dictionary is “move_m@intimidation@cop@unarmed” and the animation itself is “idle” so when you use it in TaskPlayAnim you should do it like so: “move_m@intimidation@cop@unarmed”, “idle”


Thank you for the quick and detailed response! Much appreciated, sir :slight_smile:


You can stream the wheels the same way you would a vehicle.


client side? or is that supposed to be something a admin puts in


They would be streamed from the server, same as vehicles.


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