Please Remove me already tried to remove would not let me





I belive you can, someone has done it before nothing has happened the Twitch Paradise owner released all of their stuff


This is worrying me. You will personally have to go through all the resources and make sure that you’re allowed to redistribute them.


Could I possibly get a download link?


Would it make it better if i just put a disclaimer saying "im not claiming to own any of this.’? Or something along those lines.


Send me your discord for server please. :grinning:


Well i want to make sure because this is going to be something im updating 24/7 so i want to make sure the mods wont eventually remove the post. It will be a big thread so it will have to be well moderated. so its probably a good idea to have the mods not hate me lol.


just take out the parts that don’t belong to you. If your constantly updating it, use github to make your life easier.


Why don’t you just release the 20% you made?


If you’re asking, you can probably assume not.


Well i could do that. But ive never released anything due to just simply wanting to preserve the(Not released scripts) but ive decided that i might want to do this release because it will help so many people.


Correct me if I am wrong but fivem tos does allow for scrips to be redistributed as long as you give the original creator credit.


You can’t just give credits and call it a day - you actually need to go and seek permssion from the creator of those scripts to be able to release THEIR WORK. You should also provide sufficient evidence (screenshots will suffice) that the original creator has given YOU permission to reupload THEIR WORK.


I hear what your saying @J.Manlet what if its a discussion with a download link? Im not claiming any of it


It all depends on the license they have in the source code. Read through their license. If they don’t have a license, send them a PM or ask in the forum topic.

I concur what Manlet said. It’s not only about giving credit but also getting permission. Most of the times with vehicle models, for example, the creator will have a little text on their gta5-mods page stating anyone is allowed to post it as long as you credit them. Something like that is sufficient.


I don’t see the point in releasing the whole server, when you just release your own scripts? It’s not hard to add a script to a server.


I get what your saying but I gues what I should have said is I thought that all script had to be under a GPL to be on FiveM in the first place.


No, not at all…


We can have any license on our code aslong as it doesnt violate the FiveM TOS.


You can release the files as long unless otherwise said by the script license and author etc. I am more than happy to go through these server files with you.