Please read desc need post removed


Please remove no longer in need of HoD’s will make a new post in future regarding server release


Update: Just filled our Commissioner role!


Great Community highly recommend to give it a chance. Ivan A.


Thank you Ivan!


Just opened position of 5D-1 SAHP Commissioner


Nice your looking for a coc


How is it going glitchy? weeks since last we spoke.


Yeah I just think it would be better to get some CoC before opening.


The Sheriff was removed due to lack of ever being active and just didnt really care anymore. So the position has been added feel free to join that discord so we can talk. No application required for this we just need to talk so I can get a feel for who you are is all!


Whell Alpine is not doing any better there is only 3 or 4 that show up here, but with no consistency it has gone to the point that I get on for a patrol just to sit in an empty lobby for 30 plus minutes until I calle it out but to no avail.


Oh I deeply apologize for that


Just a few days ago they finally ask me to develop some graphics for sheriff, had them ready for a while but no one will implement them I myself have been waiting for box access to add them and convert the bcso fleet in to a all blue lightning.


Don’t think it will happen once again they got me sitting in a corner, but they keep asking for a skin developer in the forums. Got so tired of waiting so I put my self out there insted of waiting for Hunter or Marcel to give me something to do.