Please help me I cant develop any more of my server without this!


What does this second parameter mean?



What is the full error?


I will screen Shot it now 1 sec



That’s the full error but I have used this function the other day and ti worked fine but now it just don’t


It is an old native name you are using. It was renamed. You need to use this:


Ok thanks I really appreciate this


Now it says it about this line

DrawText(0.870, 0.06)


Same thing… old name:


What i use the same native for draw text as i do for componen


// 0xCD015E5BB0D96A57 0x6F8350CE
// EndTextCommandDisplayText
void END_TEXT_COMMAND_DISPLAY_TEXT(float x, float y);
After applying the properties to the text (See UI::SET_TEXT_), this will draw the text in the applied position. Also 0.0f < x, y < 1.0f, percentage of the axis.

Used to be known as _DRAW_TEXT
Old name: _DRAW_TEXT

It is different than the first one I sent.


Ok so I have done all that but it now says no errors but the text isn’t on screen


Wait it fixed it now nvm thanks a lot for your help man

I think idk lol


After doing what you said it has done this now?


What would the AddTextEntry second parameter be?