Please document the native functions on the wiki


As you maybe know, there is a page on the wiki with the list of all known GTA V native functions, but almost all of them are not documented (

So I made a template/module to document the functions in a more concise way.

Here is an example using the template:

Here is the source of the page :

{{#invoke:Client function|def|entity:PlayerPED, etc...|unknown:true will do|
description=Get entity position|
returns=(Vector3) position|
local x,y,z = table.unpack(GetEntityCoords(GetPlayerPed(-1),true)) -- get player position

All you need to do is adding parameters like this “param1:desc1|param2:desc2” and set some named parameters.

  • description
  • returns
  • example

Those parameters aren’t required, they have default values (don’t set returns if the function return nothing for example).

If you understand a native function, it doesn’t take too much time to add it to the wiki and it save a lot of time for others.