Playing Scenario on Upper Torso only


Hey guys, any help would be appreciated here.

I’m trying to play the “world_human_stand_mobile” set of anims - which I am able to trigger just fine - HOWEVER triggering the anim itself does not include the prop (the cell phone).

Now, I could use the scenario for this - but my concern is Im unsure on how to set a scenario to be upper torso only. (Thus allowing the scenario to be triggered from in a vehicle)


you could try play the animation then attach the phone prop to the hand bone?


@IllusiveTea Not a bad idea - Could you point me to the native I’d use to attach the prop? (I apologize Im being lazy in this case - I genuinely appreciate the assistance)


AttachEntityToEntity i believe


Thanks a ton @IllusiveTea - I’ll report back with my success for any other folks looking to achieve the same thing.