PlayerNames causing Resource Time Warning



So the “playernames” resources that comes included in the server is triggering that annoying resource time warning in the bottom right. Any idea what could cause this? I’m using Vespura’s hide player bllps/names. Should I just disable the “playernames” resource?


If you are hiding them anyway, just don’t even start the playernames resource.


Well Vespura’s script lets them be seen when your within a certain distance and we definitely like that.


Using my script and the playernames resource at the same time is a really stupid way of going about “short distance playernames”. Because my script will constantly try to remove the names, and the playernames resource will, also every frame, try to create the overhead names. Which makes it very inefficient.

instead, there should be an option to just enable the radius of the playernames either in the playernames resource, or i’ll have to add some playernames in my resource, though that won’t happen anytime soon.


Fair enough. Am I able to disable “playernames” and just use your resource instead?


To remove them yes, but if you want to enable them then you should disable the “hide overhead names” feature in my resource to improve performance.


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