Player Vehicles Despawn On Logout - No Impound Lot




I have noticed on several fiveM servers they have impound lots for vehicles that disappear on logout and aren’t parked in a safe area. I have the garage system working but every time a player logs out, if he doesn’t put it in the garage first the vehicle is gone. Can someone point me in the right direction to an impound script, or help me alter the garage script to store players vehicles inside of it on log out?



I have been looking for one myself. I wanted to see if you have ever gotten one that you are able to share with some other people?


esx_hangard ended up working for us, it was a database conflict.


how did you fix it with esx_hangard?


I believe I double checked the SQL file was uploaded to the database correctly.


any help ? when i take out my car form garage and logout, i back on server my car gone pls help me :slight_smile: