Place vehicles in ubuntu (linux) server


Hello dear,

I have setup a linux server. But when i replace my vehicles & peds from the old windows server its not working.
The server is not loading the vehicles & peds. Some one know how i fix this?



Hm, should be like on u do on windows, put them in a folder called Stream, and that folder should be in another one dat’s called something and has __resoruce.lua too And all these should be in resoruce, and after that u clear cahce and restart the server…


Done, but not working ;(

Server start recourse but when i join and spawn a vehicle in de Stream folder i get stock GTA V vehicle.


No one who can help me? ;(


aren’t the vehicle files supposed to be inside their own folder instead of all in one?


If I remember correctly, they are supposed to go in the slot they replace. So for example, ambulance would go in resources/cars/stream/ambulance/ and then the resource’s files would go inside that folder.


I have already fixed it, i need to put a vehicle_names.lua in de server like this.
Citizen.InvokeNative(GetHashKey(“ADD_TEXT_ENTRY”), key, value)

AddTextEntry(‘0x79FBB0C5’, ‘Police1’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x9F05F101’, ‘Police2’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x71FA16EA’, ‘Police3’)


Remon did u clear the cache then restarted? And the resource.lua should be clean = nothing inside.


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