Pink Cage Motel apartments?

I’ve been watching streams of the NoPixel server and see that a lot of people have apartments at the Pink Cage Motel. What mod adds this? I’ve searched all over for this and have found nothing. I have the esx properties mod but that doesn’t seem to be the one to add it. I’m hoping this isn’t a proprietary script…

This is a custom made script, i am pretty sure no one has it other than nopixel… You can rework esx_property to be a replica of it…

It’s possible.

The only thing i couldn’t figure out is how to add a check if property is owned before displaying the marker… Figure that out then u can replicate the nopixel version easily.

I have experience with programming but very little with LUA and none whatsoever with FiveM. But, if I had to guess, you would search the database table of owned properties for that property name and see if any rows are returned.

SELECT name FROM owned_properties WHERE name = “Pink Cage 12”
if returnedRows == 0 then
–display marker

Or if you need to check if a particular player owns a particular property
SELECT name, owner FROM owned_properties WHERE name = “Pink Cage 12” AND owner = “steamID”

Not sure if this is what you mean but that’s what I’d do. If I knew how to code FiveM scripts I’d do it.

line 869 in esx_property client.lua replace the lines with this;

if distance < Config.DrawDistance then
					if PropertyIsOwned(property) == true then
						DrawMarker(Config.MarkerType, property.entering.x, property.entering.y, property.entering.z, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, Config.MarkerSize.x, Config.MarkerSize.y, Config.MarkerSize.z, Config.MarkerColor.r, Config.MarkerColor.g, Config.MarkerColor.b, 100, false, true, 2, false, nil, nil, false)
						letSleep = false

So I’m assuming the Tequila-la and Bahama Mama clubs are only NoPixel as well?

thanks for the tip Danny, just have to find a way to automatically assign a room.

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Well, your gunna run out of rooms if you do that… So… Probably not a good idea. unless ur gunna instance them and have people “share” rooms.

I wont since itll be a closed community.

@HexxenLive Did you figure it out?

Has anyone got the script for the motel to be similar to NoPixel?

You could simply add the location in esx_properties and use the motel interior.

As for the interior - its already inside of GTA. Supposedly R* planned on using for actual ownable motel rooms for online, but never did.

Motel hei_hw1_blimp_interior_v_motel_mp_milo_ new Vector3(152.2605, -1004.471, -98.99999);
Just input those coords in /tp x y z and you’ll be there. (Not sure if you need open interiors to see it, but if you do nbd just install it to your server)

For storage, just add the marker like it is already, with the base “homes”.

Can you elaborate on the storage, I’ve added motel rooms using esx_properties but can’t see any storage blips.
Added the required things for the storage in the SQL etc but still nothing.

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Heady20006 made a script to add more properties, its pretty good. It allows you to setup the roommenu location, which is the ‘home inventory’.

I suggest using it, it makes adding shit a lot easier lol

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I used this, It works really well no issues, Only issue i run into is not able to have storage inside the motel rooms, If i can figure that out it would be so much better for my server.

so okey about this topic …
i have like 3 rooms…

  • room 25
  • room 26
  • room 27


  1. I go rent 25 and enter the room and drop a item here on the ground
  2. I leave this 25
  3. Now i visit room 26 or 27
  4. When i enter 26 or 27 my item i left in 25 is here…

so i was wondering is there a way to fix this…

I don’t have that problem.

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Can you please remove this post i have not authorized or publicly released this script yet. and the poster does not have nor seeked my permission to post this publicly