Pillbox hospital interior


I was wondering where I could get the pillbox hospital interior I have been looking everywhere.


try this it fills all interiors that are missing…lol

i use this

and these to get in where cant (suggestions)


Thanks I think that will work!!


Ok so I have tried it and it’s there but when I go in I fall through the floor.


not 100% but its just a fill never meant to be able to go inside… not sure.

just so don’t have blank view

think just 1st layer only


Ok do you know any way that I can make it some I can get in and won’t fall through


why you want to go inside?

there are other hospitals with interiors already there and can go inside with tp or other scripts

the fill holes script fills blanks so not empty, some can go inside some just for show…like fib building you can go inside and walk about, but only ground level, but as you see pills hospital you can’t, but like i said there are other hospitals you can go inside


Well I don’t think I will be able to fix it easily because there is no collision in the hospital but I will try I think I have to edit the IPL to get it to work



try one of these top is one in there already, try the one got fixed