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Welcome to Piccadilly County RP we are a Lambda based server with all of the regular scripts you’d have on a Lambda based server but with a few that you don’t see too often

Why should I play on Piccadilly?
_There are many different Lambda and DOJ based servers but we are different in the sense of we have a very friendly community with active Police, and Staff team, we have a great vision of what plans we have for the server in the future but without players there won’t be much happening, so that’s where we need you to help build our community and become a great server

What are the divisions and police ranks?


Cadet 2
Cadet 3
Senior Deputy
Master Deputy
1st Sergeant
Chief Deputy

Just a note, if you want to be SWAT and choose that as your divison and you want Highway Patrol aswell, you will have to get SWAT, be trained, and then be trained for Highway Patrol at a later time

Cadet - 1-2-3 No divison can be picked

Deputy - Highway Patrol SWAT Bike Unit (This is a sub divison, you can pick this along highway patrol, or pick SWAT and bike unit if you know what i mean)

Senior Deputy - Park Ranger Coastguard Dog Handler

Master deputy - Detective Gang Unit K9 Unit (Subdivison you can pick this and another divison)

Corporal - There’s no more division’s past this but once you reach corporal you can now Lead your own
Divison and be a supervisor for anyone below your rank, higher ranks than you are your supervisor though_

Discord: https://discord.gg/qucQ8jk

Server IP:
Server Name: Just search Piccadilly County RP and you’ll see it with the colored text
All of the other information can be found in the discord, we hope to see you playing on Piccadilly County RP


This server just gives me the best experience ever from the cars, the scripts and the people i would much recommend others to join the server


Hello, my name is Allan. I’m the Community Manager here at Piccadilly County RP. If you are looking for a great new community this is the one for you. We are very well maintained, taking care of the people that destroy RP and building a community with the people that build our RP Experience. Take part in being a gang lord or Taking down criminals. Rank yourself up and become part of our intense S.W.A.T Team. Get trained on professional tactics used in real life situations. Come on by to enjoy a unforgettable RP experience, Anyone is welcome. 10/10: Recommendation; This RP has staff and LEO and FIRE/EMS positions available in which we do frequent trainings. I Know I’ve enjoyed my short time here and I know you will to. Updates which you will love and are constantly being Implemented into our server to secure the best experience. Hope to see you guys soon.- Community Management.


Bump, make sure to join our discord


I joined the server yesterday when the After Hours DLC got released and i loved it are there any new features?


Yes there is if you join the discord and check the #updates you will see we added quite a lot, I’ll quickly list them here

Forth Update / Release (Biggest one)
Added custom game activity for anyone with it turned on in settings

Added 10+ custom cars #spawncodes and more to come
Added /huk
Added /drag (id)
Added /setspikes (number)
Added StarPursuit (Ability for cops to track onto cars by deploying a tracker when behind the suspects vehicle)
Added /trunk /boot commands so you can open both without being inside of the car
Added helicopter script so that police helicopters can use thermal and night vision and also rappel out of them
Added a Speed limit of the area displayer in the top right
Added a script that fixes a lot of broken interiors such as trevors trailer being empty
Added priority cooldown, inprogress, on hold script
Added /crouch or /cr
Added /tow script
Added /text (id) /141 (id) anon message


I’ve been helping Develop this server just a bit and have to say that the Community is great and @frank2 is a great owner so come on and give it a try! You won’t regret it!


Alex has made our cad and fully set it up, if you join the discord and go to #cad you will see a full tutorial on how to sign up, him and me have been doing a lot of work on the server and the co founder of the server along with me will have his computer back in a few days