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Pink Fluffy Handcuffs -

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Who are we?

Pink Fluffy Handcuffs is a serious, dedicated, and advanced Grand Theft Auto 5 emergency services roleplay community. I am Sheriff David Baker of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. We have open positions at Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Los Santos Fire and Rescue, and the Los Santos Civilian Team. We have been officially up for 8 days and continue to work hard on recruiting individuals that enjoy having fun, but at the same time doing serious RP. We continue to add more things to the server as we progress along this journey of ours.

What makes us unique?

Our community offers a plethora of different experiences that continue to evolve with time. We continue to add custom scripts, custom cars, and are working on an active VRP. We continue to work on adding new things to the server, while also testing them on the development server. As a smaller community, we’ve been able to bond into a family like community.

What are the requirements to join?

To join PFH, you can register an account on our website and post there, or join TeamSpeak3 and come speak to an Administrator or Department Head. You will also need to have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

How do I join?

To apply, simply click “Join Us” on our website and follow the instructions. Applications will be looked at in a timely manner. If you prefer to speak with someone in Administration or a Department Head, please feel free to come onto our TeamSpeak server.

How do I know I am speaking with someone in Administration or a Department Head?

When you join TeamSpeak you can scroll down from the Lobby Area and look for Civilian Department, Administration’s Office, Department’s Offices, LEO Affairs, and of course our Law Enforcement branches as well as FD/EMS.

Is there a way I can contact you directly?

You can always e-mail me at sheriff@pinkfluffyhandcuffs.com


In Addition:

We have active admins who are willing to assist our new player’s, and maintain a safe environment for them. This is a living community, so we are actively adjusting to suit the wants and needs of our player base.

Our Community:

*Want to be the good guys? Join one of our law enforcement agencies today! LSPD, Sheriff, and State Highway Patrol (Netflix subscription required for SAHP :stuck_out_tongue: )
*Established citizens of San Andreas for you to interact with! Meet the Gadidis, the Bakers, the Victors and Mercer families! Join in on the story!
*Active Dispatchers and support services.

*Server scripts: LEO animations, Police Radar, Revive script, Vehicle Damage, Adjustment to handling files, court system, custom cars, siren controls, dispatch system.
*Planned Updates: Adding an economy, apartments, garage, shops, jobs, in-house CAD system
Community Plans: RP Video classes series (for newcomers to RP), Web series documenting the lives of our members in San Andreas.

Who we are looking for!

We are looking for those who want a fun place to RP in. Perfection is not required, but a sincere effort to learn, improve and assist others.
Those new to RP are welcomed.
Those who are looking to create a name for themselves within our community!


We are still actively looking for more people to fill positions in LSPD, BCSO, ST, and San Andreas Civilian Agency.


Still looking for members to put on some Pink Fluffy Handcuffs on.


Still looking for more LEO’s and Civilians.

Latest updates to the server:

Banking System
Tow Script


Hello I’m interested in joining as a LEO i emailed u as well thanks


Hi Djay1. Feel free to add me on Steam ~r~ [S-10] David Baker or go to our forums and post which department you would like to join.


Ok I sure will thanks


Still looking for more people. We’ve been having a nice steady stream of new people daily.

New Changes:
Adjusted Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores! Give them a visit!


Hi how’s it goin how many people joined so far and do I have the cop position ? I think I did a app


Hey i have applied on the website for your guys apply now button for lspd and I would like to know how I can see if i have been accepted or not?


Please join us at ts.pinkfluffyhandcuffs.com . We would love to speak with you.


Ok if possible ill be on today at around 1 oclock or longer if thats ok?


Some changes on LEO side at this time. For further information visit our TS or the forums. Also, have made some recent changes as well to the server.


  • Added Sheriff Uniforms - Found under both female and male Sheriff NPC’s
  • Added Sheriff vehicles.
  • There is a primary liveried charger.
  • Added chat announcements.
  • Added F6 Scenario/Emote menu. Please make sure to unbind any other client side F6 menus to avoid conflict.


Our awesome developer is adding some new features in.


Added addition to Sandy Shores Sheriff Department


We’ve added a base VRP server. Future updates to the VRP server will be done.


We’ve transitioned our primary server to VRP. We are working on customizing the VRP for the community.
Still looking for LEO’s, civilians, and developer.