People get guns when entering a police vehicles



When someone enters a police vehicle they get a pump shotgun and on the rare occasion a carbine rifle, i have absolutely no idea why this is happening. Any help will be appreciated.

This is the only thing i can see in console if this is any help.


It is a resource installed on your server.

It can also be weapon pickup in vehicle.meta


I don’t think it is any resource installed but its only a select few of police vehicles this happens with so yes it could be due to the vehicle.meta i’ll take a look thanks.


The reason I dont think it is the meta is because it is spitting that line out in your log.

Remove anything in the Rewards section in the vehicle meta.


Alright i’ll give that a try, i’ve just tested it. Certain police vehicles give you certain guns, the helicopter gives me a sniper the rest either a pump shotgun or a carbine rifle.


Yep, i see all of the rewards in the vehicles.meta. Thanks mate.


Can you help me with that, please?
Where did you found that “rewards”? I can’t find vehicles.meta file in my FXServer files at all …