PC Cops | <Closed for now>



We currently (once our server has been fully updated and works as it should) we will be doing patrols in the style of Code Zero Cops, where someone flees as a criminal and the rest pursue as cops, because of the small numbers in our group.

We currently have the following plugins:

  • Fuel
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Light Control
  • Towing (Flatbeds)
  • Imaging Cameras for Helicopters
  • Engine Toggle
  • Cuffs/Hand-Ups
  • Delete Vehicle

We are currently HIRING for all departments including base categories of Police, Fire, EMS, Civilian and looking for Developers who can install for us Plugins, Scripts, Vehicles and help manage our files better. (If they have port-forward experience it’s better for us)

You’ll have to join our Discord to view the full list of departments (we have a lot).
Thank you for your interest in PC Cops, we look forward to you visiting us.
(Please bare in mind, it is rude to join and then leave our server without actually saying hi or asking questions, if you don’t like our server, tell us why in #feedback, thanks for your support!)