Patreon doesn't seem to link to my forum account anymore



I have a pledge on Patreon and I am using the same e-mail for both my Patreon account and FiveM forum account. I generated my keys but my server is no longer highlighted in the list.

Can I get any support?


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make sure both accounts have the same email.


Hi Faxes!

First and foremost, thanks for all the nice scripts you pumped out for FiveM. I use a few myself (aop, fax-core!)

Yes, they both have the same e-mail. It used to work fine, it has started to not show highlighted intermittently and now they just won’t be highlighted at all nor show the Aurum membership in the server informations on

I really don’t get why it wouldn’t link anymore…


Is your forums account connected properly?

Seeming you dont have the group. Check your patreon, make sure your still a patreon and did not get removed somehow.


The thing is I really am using the same e-mail.

I did log-in to this forum account using Patreon:

And my Patreon subscription is still valid:

I really don’t get why it no longer links.


How long you had it?


The patreon over 2 months. It used to be linked to another forum account and I re-linked it to this one here.

Maybe the e-mail change broke the linking.


How long ago was this?


At least 4 days.


Does it work now?


I had to register a new account and pledge using a new Patreon account aswell. Ended up working.

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