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Hello! Welcome to PPSRP’s Offical FiveM forums post! Were going to make it short and simple for you, so lets get to it!

We are?

PPSRP Is a FiveM Roleplaying community focused on the First Responder / Civilian RP. We are all proud to say we are dedicated to Professionalism, Merit, And Respect. Here at PPSRP, everyone will be treated fairly, with respect, and with the courtesy they each as individuals deserve. This community has been in the making for about 1 1/2 months now, But founded and released only a couple days ago. But today, is our LAUNCH!

Our Mission

Our mission here at PPSRP is to provide quality Roleplay for all the people that would like to be a member of our community. To do this, We train all of our LEO, Fire, and Civilians to the highest of standards, and to a 1-2 Ratio of Real Life, cause this is a game nothing can be 1-1. We would like to have everyone go through courses, lessons, and Field Training of their job, mission, and passion is as a San Andreas State Trooper, Or Blaine County Sheriff’s Deputy. Same goes for the Fire and EMS, They will also be trained to high standards and to what we call the best!

How To Join

  • Join our official recruitment discord (CLICK HERE)

  • Fill out the application honestly and be descriptive

  • A member of our Recruitment Staff will DM through discord and keep your application status updated

Our Departments

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Application Status: Open

  • San Andreas State Police Application Status: Open

  • Fire And EMS Application Status: Open

  • San Andreas Communications Application Status: Open

  • Los Santos Police Department Application Status: CLOSED

  • Civilian Operations Application Status: Open


This Community is in my top 3 for communities I’ve ever been in! There is no vdm rdm or fail rp! There is a custom cad! Everyone is so friendly and respectful! As a streamer i honestly couldnt ask for a better community!


Love this community they are full of great guys over here. Some of them are real LEO’s and Real dispatchers. The best experience ive had in a server yet!!


Great community with respectful individuals. Some are real-life LEO and dispatchers which helps for those who have never held a real-life job in public safety. All around a friendly community with tons of help.





Although the server is only 2 days old, the server is very well developed so far and they are working hard on it. I joined today, got interviewed and got trained within 2 hours. Great performance by the HR Team.


great community


New BCSO and SASP Unmarked Vehicles!! Apply now!




First patrol starting tomorrow!!


Badass community lots of fun and opportunities


The first r was great


Bump! :slight_smile:


One of the best community’s out there, lots of fun and takes everyone into account! You WONT be left out!


Really good RP server, i have really good rp experiences with the people on the server. When i first joined they tought me how to play the game with all the commands pluss the server owner is really friendly aswell




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