🐼 PandemoniumRP | New Player Friendly Community | Open CAD/MDT | Creative/Serious Roleplay | Custom & Whitelisted Jobs | Now Hiring Police & EMS | Expect the Unexpected! 🐼



PandemoniumRP is a roleplay server that is dedicated to serious roleplay with a creative twist. We welcome all weird, wacky and interesting roleplay into our community and on our server.

Our website also provides weekly tutorials which are designed to help new players navigate their way through the city once they have arrived. While also giving out hints and tips on how to improve and enrich their role-playing abilities.

Our server is also streamer friendly. We welcome and do our best to support streamers who are using body cams within our city by mentioning them in discord and on our Social Media.

However, our most important quality is that our server is community orientated. We love to read opinions, suggestions and straw polls on new items and features and try to implement them into the server as quickly as possible.

PandemoniumRP is also a great place for those who are new to roleplay to start a new adventure.

We are also looking to hire more EMS and Police Officers.

:panda_face: Discord: discord.pandemoniumrp.com
:panda_face: Website: pandemoniumrp.com
:panda_face: Twitter: @PandemoniumRP
:panda_face: Instagram: @Pandemoniumrp
:panda_face: Facebook: facebook.com/PandemoniumGTARP