OVH for vps?


Is this good for a FiveM server?


It only got 2GHZ speed and 1 Core.


I wouldn’t rent a vps for fivem that has only 100Mbps. (Multicore CPU is required/recommended)
I use the same VPS but for website and TeamSpeak


What VPS provider do you recommend?


Since zap-hosting is the official partner for fivem (i think) so go for it
You have an option to rent a server preconfigured or rent a vps and set it up by yourself. If you go for option 2. Don’t forget to check 500Mbs Bandwidth +5€ I think


Zap-Hosting is expensive, but I must say that the quality is good

Best VPS for a FiveM server?

Do you use Zap-Hosting for your FiveM server?


I had a VPS from with 100 mbit/s and the server is lagging a lot.


and? 5chars


The cheapest OVH SSD server is perfectly fine if you have some decent knowledge on how to work with it. The server should be lag-free unless you overload it with some badly made resource/s.
Just pay attention to the server location.