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Website in development, but other than that, join the discord


This is a fun kind server. Very good roleplay.


Such a nice server i had so many good hours in there and looking for more. Also they have like such good script and cars :wink:


Thanks for the support, it has been a wonderful start for us :slight_smile:


We have been working very hard and Growing quickly. Thanks for everyone coming on and supporting us


Such a good server, great roleplay, scripts and cars are nice and everyone is friendly and helpful


New Teamspeak:


Love the server and we have a great LSPD Department (not only assets but staff as well!)


hello there! i have a bit of experience in the Skin Development field if you guys need any help please do ask i am looking for a full time professional server that i can grow and enjoy! if you want to contact me my discord is Grim#9418 thank you for reading my comment and i cant wait to hear back from you!

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Requested by server owner.

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