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Hey there! We welcome you to Outlaw Roleplay. A new community in FiveM trying their hardest, putting maximum effort into the server just for you guys. The team at Outlaw Roleplay are hoping to make this community to grow big. We may look like just an ordinary server, but you never know until you have played on our server. We are a open community allowing suggestions etc. So, should you join our server? Of course! Let us tell you why:

What does Outlaw Roleplay Offer?

Outlaw Roleplay is a high quality roleplay server featuring hard working, dedicated and enthusiastic developers & staff members.

  • Custom Scripts & Assets
  • Custom Website & Forums
  • Dedicated & Hard Working Staff
  • Helpful Community
  • San Andreas State Police, Local Police & Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fire & EMS

Outlaw Roleplay’s Staff Team

  • We have two directors (J. Green, Brad) working hard on the server to create a custom fun experience and a successful community.
  • Our current developers (Hoovered, J. Green) developing the server.
  • We have a vehicle skin developer (CurrenSSSy) who is trying his hardest to push out skins/models for our vehicles
  • We currently have three administrators (A3 | CurrenSSS &, A3 | Brannon H.) administrating the server.

Where can you find us at?

We (the staff team @ Outlaw Roleplay) hope to see you soon on our server. If you have any issues, please contact one of the staff members in the discord.

Outlaw Roleplay Staff Team


Website in development, but other than that, join the discord


This is a fun kind server. Very good roleplay.


Such a nice server i had so many good hours in there and looking for more. Also they have like such good script and cars :wink:


Thanks for the support, it has been a wonderful start for us :slight_smile:


We have been working very hard and Growing quickly. Thanks for everyone coming on and supporting us


Such a good server, great roleplay, scripts and cars are nice and everyone is friendly and helpful