[OUTDATED] Import/Export DLC on server!


Hello, I have create a resource to stream the Import/Export DLC cars on a server !


DOWNLOAD: FIveM was updated to patch 1.0.1103.2 (Online 1.40) so this topic is outdated !

Add the import-export folder in your “resources” folder and add - import-export in your auto start resources !

[DEPRECATED][Release][v4] Special Vehicle Circuit Cars Add-On

Keep in mind these cars won’t have the functions of their gta online counterparts, just the model


customization included or?


Yes, all customzation is included !


Waaw ! good job ! :slight_smile:


I specify that cars sounds it’s changed because fivem don’t have a new sounds for the import/export cars !

And sorry for my english !


most cars have the same sounds though, the elegy has the same sound practically the same as the omnis, etc etc there are very few cars with unique car sounds


nice add! thanks for share!


I had the same problem with the sounds, I resolved it through changing the sounds inside the vehicles.meta file.


I already change the sounds in vehicle.meta, What you change this ?


Oh then nvm, I thought you couldn’t fix this issue and send you mine file :stuck_out_tongue:

But like I said, nvm


You have replace the elegy sounds by Adder it’s incoherent ! After, it’s your life, do what you want !


I Understand that some cars crash, but have you removed the buggy ones? or can you release a version without them?


Yo dude, thanks for the share. Just one question, it’s just replacements or I can add them like an add on?


just delete the models and textures directory, it will just say you “could not find the model” if you try to spawn them.
@SmokeyKatevin it’s an addon already.


Ok nice job dude. :grinning:


perfect ! very nice job man, I waited for this kind of pack!


I Know that, i just wanted to know if He had ALREADY removed them so i wouldn’t have to check every single one.


And the ruiner 2000 is op for GTA RP ?


I know whats wrong with the Ruiner, and why some cars crash the game,. It’s this:



That is the animation set used on the car, its not included in FiveM, so change it to what the default Ruiner uses:


This will fix a lot of your cars by using animation files that are similar to native cars.

Also, use default weapon hashes for vehicle weapons, there are plenty that could replace the Ruiner’s weapons.

My guide will help you if needed: [How-To] Create/modify your own add-on car

And feel free to ask questions, I will help solve problems when ever I can.

DON’T forget to change the flags in the vehicles.meta to get rid of the ones that are not supported: