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Welcome to Outcast Network!

In Outcast Network you have the ability to be free. Be you and be successful in our growing community. Our staff team is here to help you find a place to settle down at without the hassle. Outcast was made by people who have 2-3 years of FiveM and Roleplaying experience so you don’t have to worry about if RP is gonna be bad. We have zero tolerance for doing stupid acts within the server/community as we want our server/community to be a fun and toxic free enviroment for people to chill and roleplay. Like what you see? Feel free to apply to become a member and join the Network!

Our Discord: Click Me

Website: Click Me

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Server Changelog: Click Me

Age Requirement- 16 years old

What is Outcast Network?

Outcast Network is a community based off of bringing TRUE RP to the table instead of the fancy crap like special tags and extra training. We get you in, train you, and get you on the road so you don’t have to wait for days just to RP. We have a variety of people who are with us, which means you will be around a variety of different personalities which is good for you. We are working on expanding outside of FiveM to different games as well as working on partnerships. We want to bring Outcast Network to everyone who has a love for games and making content as we have a dedicated Media Team to produce videos and content. Not to mention Outcast also has a design team as well!

Our Resources

What we have for resources is your typical RP community resources so nothing special here, but feel free to look it over.

  • Dedicated Teamspeak
  • 1 Server menu for all your needs
  • Maps for civs to utilize
  • CAD/MDT (No not custom, none of that clickbait here)
  • Non-ELS vehicles
  • EUP (Yes it’s client side, we are okay with it so if you aren’t then you’ll get over it)
  • Custom made vehicle skins
  • Highly trained FTO’s (to help you through your troubled times in becoming a LEO)
  • A great member base!


These are still a WIP but don’t let that be the reason to stop you from joining! Updates are getting pushed out everyday so things are coming together, just gotta be patient.

  • Highway Patrol [OPEN]
  • Sheriff’s Office [CLOSED]
  • Civilian Operations [OPEN]
  • Communications [OPEN]

Here are some pictures if you’re curious

(Keep in mind everything is still a WIP and things are subject to change. Most of everything is completed but there is still things that need worked on.)


Well I guess that’s all I have to say for now… so feel free to join the Discord and we will see you on the streets!


Well this is a bump… so yea uhhh feel free to join us!


Two questions? Is it whitelisted? Also, how many dispatchers do y’all have atm?


Not whitelisted as of yet… I want to get some more people first. And current dispatchers are 0


How many members total?


Currently 8 members


Just a little bump…

Come see what we are about today! Don’t be shy… just apply and join the growing community of roleplayers, content creators, and more!

Discord: https://discord.io/OutcastNetwork

Website: https://outcast-network.weebly.com/

Hope to see you soon! :slight_smile: