Our Offical SASRP Developer Recruitment Post 2019! Huge Opportunity and Potential!



xcsvAH4h Our Development Recruitment Post Feb/2019
*Please note this post is for serious inquiries only, thanks for your time and cooperation.

Part 1 Hello, my name is Blake and I’m the Co-Developer for the server San Andreas State Role Play Community. I’ve been honored to find an actually good server and be able to meet people and become friends with, the main developer for the server also lives near me making it even easier for the both of us to work well together.
A little bit about me is that I live in Canada and have my entire life! I’m currently eighteen years of age that lives, breathes, has periods of sleep, works, and plays 5M. I’ve been an on and off developer and player for 5M for a while now and finally able to find a server to show my passion off too.

Now I’m fairly sure you just want to find what we are looking for, please scroll down to find our recruitment post and requirements…
Part 2
As a DEV of SASRP we are looking for Mature but also Fun people to work with if you know how Google and other big teams are… we work to have the same style friendships as them. We work work work but also give our team time to relax and just hang out! We want to see our community grow and expand to see great things in the future.

DO YOU QUALIFY? well, that all depends on your experience and the previous things you have done. The more advanced you are the higher you are to be hired on. Now if your unaware of the EULA it states that we are not allowed to pay you in any sort of way so please keep in mind of that, guessing if your experienced and applying you should know this.

So pretty much we are looking for a developer that can do these tasks:
(X) - means we will not be requiring these tasks.

  1. (x) Vehicle Developer
  2. Texture Editor
  3. Custom Script Developer
  4. (x) HTML Developer
  5. Server Maintenence = This is when no DEVS are active to fix a problem on the server so this also means we require knowledge of basic bug fixes and if you can’t fix it, please message a DEV as soon as possible and we will do what we can remotely to sort it out.

We will have more positions open coming soon, if you do choose to apply then we will let you know of any upgrades to your current roles.

Part 3 How To Apply

This is easy all we need you to do is…

Message Blake#3777 on Discord (A reply may take up to
24-48 hours)

When added you will be asked some questions then transferred when need be to a Discord Dev DM Chatroom. This is where you will meet the other Devs and talk about you and have a little get together to find out about our new Dev and what he’s like. We will then discuss what you will be doing on the server and so on.

I look forward to meeting all of you and introducing you too are other Developers at SASRP!

–(co-dev Blake)

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This post is brand new just have to use an old post for the policy reason. (Blake)