Orbital Cannon


I have actually never used orbital cannon on GTA ONLINE and i will probably never use it because i don’t play on GTA ONLINE, so i thought of recreating it on FiveM. Have’nt tested it a lot but everything worked gr8 when i did.


Do not reupload/re release any part of this script without my permission

Connect to Database/Read

Cool idea, will test it out man!


[Feature Request]

Admin only option (for helping to keep people in line) :slight_smile:


i think your site is down, won’t respond :confused:


The site is up. I am able to visit it.


Try different browser. It is up.


Very nice, I will test this when home :stuck_out_tongue:


wow thats pretty kool dude


This looks great! Great tool to use on idiots before banning them :wink:


Looks pretty close to the actual thing. Great job!


This is amazing! Great work. I changed it up a bit to solely allow the surveillance camera for some cool spy and FIB/CIA scenarios! Thank you so much!


could you sen me your edit id like to do the same so people cant fire it


Looks awesome! Great job!


Permission only for admins maybe ?


Super late reply.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmtBeWmrFMOnwz7j24IeizT9k33a is the download link to make it so it doesnt fire.