Orbital Cannon


I have actually never used orbital cannon on GTA ONLINE and i will probably never use it because i don’t play on GTA ONLINE, so i thought of recreating it on FiveM. Have’nt tested it a lot but everything worked gr8 when i did.


Do not reupload/re release any part of this script without my permission

Connect to Database/Read

Cool idea, will test it out man!


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Admin only option (for helping to keep people in line) :slight_smile:


i think your site is down, won’t respond :confused:


The site is up. I am able to visit it.


Try different browser. It is up.


Very nice, I will test this when home :stuck_out_tongue:


wow thats pretty kool dude


This looks great! Great tool to use on idiots before banning them :wink:


Looks pretty close to the actual thing. Great job!


This is amazing! Great work. I changed it up a bit to solely allow the surveillance camera for some cool spy and FIB/CIA scenarios! Thank you so much!


could you sen me your edit id like to do the same so people cant fire it


Looks awesome! Great job!


Permission only for admins maybe ?


Super late reply.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmtBeWmrFMOnwz7j24IeizT9k33a is the download link to make it so it doesnt fire.


what server is it already on


I love this mod we added in to our server for surveillance purposes. The mod works great there are a few things to note but very easy to fix

1)if you install the resource on to the server every one will have access to it and all its features when they press the F1 Key. This is a super easy fix if you are using ESX you can job lock and rank lock access with adding a few lines of code.
Its also very easy to disable to FUN part of the mod. just a few – out in the script
I have no idea on how to mod it to vRp or any thing else like that.

  1. Any one who uses this system will be moved around under the map unless you are sitting in a car. So take a seat before use lol. I have not figured out a way to fix it but its a minor detail.

I would upload a copy of the modded system but due to request made by the community member who released this. I will post the code spinets for ESX to make it work if any one would like.


Hi please what is the function to open menu please not the key pressed but the event to open this script.
Thank a lot the one who will answer me !


I would love some of those snippets! Sounds like some awesome fixes for this amazing release :smiley:


Hello all, Ok so i will try to make this as easy as possible.
So in this post i will be providing the Code Snipets to make ESX control access to the cannon. I will make another post telling what line to – out on. And as stated before i will not be providing any base code to this cannon as requested by the community member this is only the code you will add in to the scripts.

What you will need:

1)A FiveM server with ESX properly set up and running.
2) At least one working job this is very important we are going to make the cannon check against the job.
3) A basic script editor (notepad++ is always a good option).
4) Patients cause you know Murphy’s Law


1] You will need to open the client.lua found in the resource folder for the cannon
( I recommend using notepad++ if you need a free editor)

2] Under the warning at the top of the script “Do not reupload/re release any part of this script without my permission” add this code snippet please make sure you are not over writing any code in the .lua file.

while ESX == nil do
TriggerEvent(‘esx:getSharedObject’, function(obj) ESX = obj end)

AddEventHandler(‘esx:playerLoaded’, function(xPlayer)
PlayerData = xPlayer

AddEventHandler(‘esx:setJob’, function(job)
PlayerData.job = job

3] Now that we have that code at the top of the script not over writing any thing. We will need to scroll down. Assuming you left one blank line between the warning and the function part of the script we then can move on.
Scroll down to line 230(or in that area) of the client.lua you should see a line that says if “IsControlJustPressed(2,288) then”

make a blank line directly under that code PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE LINE you are only adding a new line of code to the script not removing. Add this line of code in the new spot

if PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == ‘esx job 1’ or PlayerData.job.name == ‘esx job 2’ then

(In the 'esx job 1 or job 2 replace with jobs you wish to have access to the system.
Note: This is where you want to enter the name of the job you want to have access. This has to match the name of the job listed in the database.)

Your script should look like this now:

if IsControlJustPressed(2,288) then
if PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name == ‘esx job 1’ or PlayerData.job.name == ‘esx job 2’ then
oc = not oc

4] You may now save the script and upload it to the server. Please make sure to remove all old versions of this to prevent conflicting.

Final Check list:
Make sure your start resource is entered in the server.cfg
Clear server cache
Restart server and have fun.

The cannon will now give any one in those listed jobs access to the cannon no matter what their rank is.
I found the easiest way of locking this down to lets say one person or many persons is to simply make a new job i copy and mod the ESX police job, Then edit all the named info inside i grant the powers i wish the people to have. And last but not least added the trusted members in to that job in game.
Most servers have it set so you can only have one ESX job at a time i have seen a mod on the forums that would allow two for one person. Its worth looking in to then it would be easy to have a admin job with access to this.
In my server i have it set up so FIB has access to the surveillance part and another military group has access to the boom part. Tomorrow i plan on posting the disable the boom part of this and i will post how to run both ver on the same server. I hope this has help at least one person lol