[Opinion] My Hunger/Thrist system


So guys i wanna show you my Hunger/Thirst system.
This system calculates your hunger, thirst, physiological needs, overdose and addiction level and if you are addicted or not, the script is still under development and is in Portuguese for now.
This system will have quite a few effects and symptoms while you are very hungry or close to an overdose …
More features upcoming…
Here are some Screens…



What do you think? Should I release this? Or is useless?

PS: I am currently working in a experiencie system on esx_drugs, so more drugs you collect more experiencie and level you have, with progress bar to.

  • Yes okay, normal…
  • Yes, this is so AWESOME!
  • No, dude stop …
  • Release esx_drugs and the hunger system, please!

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bleh i need it, please release. i’m trying to change the position of these bars from top bot to side by side has a week now


This is a english forum friend, i understand your language, but this is a english forum mate, so wirte in english please


Belo trabalho mano <3 parabéns


Are those responsive with every resolution? I mean I’d give it a 10/10 if they are responsive with all resolutions


Might need some design touchups (positioning, colors and sizes) but overal its quite good and would be a useful release (if you release it that is)


Please, release this! Will be great!!


Oh another NUI system, keep it i dont think we need another script like that