*OPEN INTERVIEWS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!* 🔵 Priority Role Play | Sheriff's Office | CAD | Civilian | Dispatch | Serious/Professional | ELS | Whitelist | PULL OVER AI \ 18+ priorityroleplay.com | https://discord.me/prp


We’re looking for FULL TIME CIVILIANS! Our civs stick to long and short term characters that create various 911 calls for our emergency services to respond to! Our civs love this side of RP because they can make interesting stories that allow everyone to have fun!

Take a look at what we do here: https://priorityroleplay.com/home.php?dept
And apply here! https://priorityroleplay.com/home.php?join


Hey guys! We’re also looking for Dispatchers! We have a team of Dispatchers right now that do it in real life all over the country. Coming in with no experience is okay! They’ll train you in a matter of no time!


We are still looking for Dispatchers!


If anyone is interested in applying for Civilian or Fire Department, we’ve got openings in both! :slight_smile: We’ve got 4 HR members online right now ready for an interview!


is this server for xbox one as well?


Human Resources will be hosting OPEN INTERVIEWS Saturday, at 1300 EST.
Time Zones:
1000 - PST
1100 - CST
1300 - EST
1800 - GMT

Interviews will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to orientate people in groups as opposed to individually so we can move quickly.
Remember: There is no ‘training academy’ or anything of the sort. Your training is based off of the experience that you received from other communities and from the real world.

This is an opportunity to join the community without an application!

Hope to see you then!

HOP ON THE DISCORD TO JOIN: https://discordapp.com/invite/Tz3hxv7




Just wanted to say, that FiveM is for PC only, not consoles.