Only certain Client plugins allowed?



I’ve created my own racing server few weeks ago and still experimenting. Because I want to have as much control as I can over plugins, I’ve decided to use Mello trainer for server side (with possibility of banning client side ones). That works great so far.

But there was already few client sided plugins I would love to see on this server. Unfortunatelly, only client sided. Most annoying in this scenario is manual transmission. (Btw. currently it’s working only in previous v4.5.3 for FiveM client, since I’ve been told by creator of MT that FiveM still uses b1290 so far)

Is there a way how to via server allow only certain client based plugins? That would mean really much to me. Cheers!


Unless you create a custom build for FiveM and distribute to clients, it is currently imposible to do.

Just create a mod-pack and distribute that to your players. ( We do this and it is effective. )


Modpack, you say… I will definitelly look into is!

Does that mean that I can cut off Scripthook support for random client sided plugins, so they can only use what I will serve them? :smiley:

Anyway, thank you for response!