OneSync EAP: Why did we not get contacted?


Read the entire post mate…


Sorry miss that part of it, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen since tbh doing that would kill FiveM (since most, including me) use ESX and love FiveM due to us being allowed to roleplay or anything else we would like to have, such as teamdeath match or Prop hunt and ect. (but Most are here for the Roleplay :slight_smile: )


Continue writing books everyone @@manganese said himself that if I don’t leave the esx org then fivem will start to phase out esx resources from fivem. Either he comes up, and cries for mercy or this blacklist will happen one day.


Im going to disagree, FiveM wouldn’t be killed in this matter, All this means is that people would have to either use a different framework, Or actually make a server.

This said thou, ESX isn’t getting blacklisted, So dont panic yourself.


Again if you read what that other guy posted about what was said on the discord.

Stickied Message:
FYI, any claims that ESX is getting blacklisted are false. The ESX maintainer seems to be on a hostility course against the FiveM project. We are expecting to be able to release a better, more stable ESX fork sometime in the future, with full community contributions.

Syf syl synn*. dont make me pull up synss pr. ofc you removed that idiot… just recently. let me guess:
was there a purge?

What is up with this hatred towards me, you know I’m merely doing my job to keep the FiveM clean. Apparently you thought this was unjustified and turned it in to one long back and fourth discussion. We tried our best to explain you the situation, but a concrete wall would be more flexible than you.

I’ve seriously considered on improving ESX resources, you might have noticed an issue and pull request here and there. Sadly because you held a grudge against, I got pretty much instantly banned from your discord, having good intents.
For me ESX became totally unapproachable from a developers standpoint, just because you held a grudge against me.

Your attitude is just rotten in multiple ways and in no way you intent to change this and continue this behaviour. Honestly, you all brought it upon yourself, if you maybe would have been more lenient and compassionate we could’ve all gotten along.

Justice served I guess. :wave: @Hawaii_Beach


True, but it would kill some of the community and I understand @Smallo just throwing it out there :slight_smile: I’ll now back myself out so that hopefully this drama calms down :slight_smile:


Are you ok, dude? Take a chill pill, seriously. You’re being mad absolutely without any reasons. Calm down.


I would’ve sharen our pms but you such a pussy you deleted all our conversations.


Imagine everyone actually making their own server! :o Would be an adventure going from server to server, instead of going into bad ESX based servers all the time. Personally, I think it would be great if it happened, it would be the beginning of a whole new era for FiveM, and one that a lot of people would most likely enjoy. Oh well, a man can dream…



My phone is dying nooo :sob:


This whole argument is just stupid and unnecessary…

I can no longer support ESX as a framework and will be actively encouraging servers to abandon it and make their own…


You would need server owners that actually know how to code. Most just know how to leach.


People would learn im sure, Just like the rest of us.


Where do I sign to remove Hawaii_Beach from the equation? I have my TMNT Edition pen in hand.


they already lost my 25$ a month


Would get rid of the 1200 abandoned copy-paste/template servers that litter the FiveM platform at the moment.
Quality > Quantity, right?


Indeed. And it would be amazing! It’s something I’ve thought about before, but knew it would never become reality, until one of the elements posted they’d start actively working against ESX. But then my heart broke, when I found out it wouldn’t happen… :cry:


A friend and I were just saying that exact thing. Less servers, means better servers.


Seem’s his outrage backfired :thinking: